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The Growth Executive

Building Confidence in Sales & Marketing Execution.

Fractional Executive

I am a key player in elevating and scaling businesses as a member of the executive team; delivering fractional c-suite services to champion collaboration and consistency in all major operating functions.

Systems Integrator & Coach

I work with clients to manage initiatives and advance operations to drive revenue and growth. Recommend and implement critical business systems and processes. Develop, implement, and monitor KPIs.

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How confident are you in your sales forecast?

Meet The Growth Executive. I am a growth strategist working for you to implement systems and processes in your marketing funnel and sales operations.

What I do

James Martin is a growth executive focused on critical systems and processes that drive revenue. A key player in elevating and scaling businesses as a member of the executive team; delivering fractional c-suite services to champion collaboration and consistency across all operational areas.

I triage and diagnose key issues that impact success or failure; recommend solutions for engaging and developing customers, create and manage new systems and processes, and coach teams particularly in sales and marketing.

  • Ensure the digital marketing strategy is being executed across all digital media channels from concept to launch.
  • Design, implement and manage sales operations and pipeline stages.
  • Audit and refine customer engagement and communication channels.
  • Interview customers to identify new business opportunities, gather testimonials, and capture referrals.

How I Help

  • Assist leadership struggling with execution
  • Triage and diagnose key issues in sales & marketing
  • Identify key performance metrics
  • Optimize digital marketing tactics and budgets
  • Stand up and lead sales operations
  • Improve confidence in sales forecasting
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Implement pipeline and customer engagement systems

Next Steps

Typical assignments start at around $3,000/month. If you are interested in learning more about my services, click here to schedule a time for us to chat or complete this form.

We will work through a short checklist and discuss your plans and objectives. I’ll do a preliminary review of your sales and marketing processes and make some suggestions on what I can do to help.

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” I have a great amount of respect for James’ leadership. He is wise, driven, and organized. The man knows mission and metrics. “

– David C. – Executive Director Coast Care Partners

“ James and his team have made an incredible impact on our communication techniques and our bottom line in a short period of time. Their customer service is second to none. ”

– Andrew A., Owner AARE

” James and I worked together for several years as we both served on the board of directors for the Center for Church Communication (CFCC). Not only did James dive right in and figure out what needed to be done, but he did it with tenacious grace and skilled focus. James is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the work that many would find too tedious. James knows how to create systems that are sustainable, repeatable, and scalable. CFCC is better today because of the role that James played in growing the organization. ”

-Brad A. – Founder Center for Church Communication