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About James

I’m an innovative business strategist and leader who combines over two decades of experience providing technical consultation, human resource management, contract negotiations, new business development, and system integration management to lead start-up, turnaround and high-growth organizations through explosive market growth and unprecedented profitability. A former Firefighter, EMT, and Police Officer, I am passionate about serving others.

Innovation, Strategy, & Growth

Fractional Executive

I am a growth strategist helping clients implement processes, execute on digital marketing, and developing new business. Key player in elevating and scaling businesses as a member of the executive team; delivering fractional COO services to champion collaboration and consistency in all major operating functions…

Systems Integrator

I work with clients to manage and promote enterprise-wide initiatives and advance operations to drive revenue and growth. Recommend and implement critical business systems and processes. Develop, implement, and monitor KPIs to ensure plans are executed. Coach and mentor key team members and work closely with CEO and leadership on…

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James' Blog

Life, Leadership, & Business | San Diego, CA

Head, Heart, and Hands

Head, Heart, and Hands. You've got all three, and so does everyone else. Sometimes, without meaning too, we can focus.

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Starving, Excruciating, and Fair

Tracy and I have banned a few words from use by our three kids (12, 9, & 7) when describing.

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Criminal Justice … err Legal Defense … System

We are back in Las Cruces New Mexico for the retrial of the man who killed my brother. You can read.

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