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The Ten Principles Of Building Great Products

Isn’t it common sense that to build a great company you need a great product? Yet, too many people think that throwing lots of money into marketing and PR will sell products. But if the product isn’t good, all the storytelling and partnerships in the world will only end in wasted time and money.

There is a lot of good advice here.  My favorite point is this; “Ask the customer if he or she would use your product not just if he or she could use it”.  Love it!

Ask the customer.  And ask often.

And consider this… When I was dating my wife I was given some incredible advice; someone told me that I should marry the woman I could not live without, not the one I could just live with. Twenty years later, I’m starting to get the point.

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James Martin

I’m an innovative business strategist and leader who combines over two decades of experience providing technical consultation, human resource management, contract negotiations, new business development, and system integration management to lead start-up, turnaround and high-growth organizations through explosive market growth and unprecedented profitability.

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