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A strong community, what a gift

The people of Las Cruces and Santa Fe are incredible. They have done so much to help and encourage our family during these difficult times. We are living here for several weeks as we attend court proceedings.

Just about every time we go out, we are stopped by a stranger who recognizes us and wants to hug or encourage us. There is a strong sense of community and belonging and it is apparent we are all healing together.

A local church community provided a vetted list of babysitters (between our families we have a baby and six kids under the age of 13) and provided week’s full of entertainment and daily activities to occupy our kiddos.

Our amazing Crime Victim Advocate, Suzanne provided a list of local restaurants and establishments who offered to provide food and other services.

And of course the little (often unseen) examples, like the service techs and manager who offered to cover parts and labor for my sister-in-law when they recognized her and knew she was making a trip out of town.

The Land of Enchantment describes New Mexico’s scenic beauty and its rich history. And Las Cruces is known as The City of the Crosses and it’s motto is People Helping People, our family has experienced both. Community is a means of grace and the people of this community have really come through.

Thank you.

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